Full Stack Developer Experience

Eclipse Che IDE

Eclipse Che is a cloud based IDE. Che integrates the VSCode Editor with Kubernetes to enable seamless full stack developement.

Choose from a vast marketplace of VSCode extension.

Get the same experience whether you work in office, from home or virtually anywhere.


Build and use Kubernetes based services without having to install Kubernetes.

You get a dedicated Kubernetes Namespace. Namespaces creates a safe space for your code, services, and data.

AWS Cloud

Leverage AWS Cloud for virtually unlimited power.

No matter how many projects you create or how big your team grows, we will scale with you.




For contributing to open source projects in Github. Also perfect for learning a new programming language or framework.
  • Create up to 10 projects
  • Keep up to 2 running
  • 2 CPU / 2GB RAM / 10GB Disk
Most Popular


$30 /month

Seamless work as a team by inviting teamates to see the same code you see.
  • Create up to 100 projects
  • Keep up to 4 running
  • 8 CPU / 32GB RAM / 100GB Disk



Dedicated Kubernetes cluster on our cloud or bring your own cloud.
  • Unlimited, Dedicated Cluster
  • SSO Integration
  • Cost Management Tools